This large, iconic Australian retailer, with operations spanning Australia, New Zealand and the United States, is always innovating with the latest digital tools and platforms. The business uses the three leading public cloud platforms to host its solutions: AWS, Azure and GCP.


The business’s IT team is always pushing the boundaries of technology to ensure the best possible customer experience. Of course, the IT security team is responsible for keeping all IT environments secure. Yet the business’s incumbent CSPM tool did not:

  • detect misconfigurations across the multi-cloud environment in real time

  • offer capabilities to resolve those misconfigurations

  • provide an easy-to-use, single-pane view of the cloud resource inventory.


ARGOS onboarded this global retailer in minutes, via our self-service portal. Since then, it has:

  • provided improved real-time insights of the business’s security posture across AWS, Azure and GCP cloud environments through a simple, yet powerful Dashboard

  • allowed the Security team to easily collaborate with Platform and Application teams on important findings before they became security issues

  • rapidly delivered new integration features to address Security team requirements


“When I first spoke to ARGOS the thing that stood out to me most was their laser focus on security, their desire to cover all 3 key cloud providers (AWS, GCP and Azure) and the functionality to push a button, that would fix the items that had been misconfigured in our cloud environment, which sat outside of the security risk appetite we had defined. The ARGOS team also stood out for its willingness to listen to us to understand what a large distributed retailer needed. A really good experience, all in all.”
Head of Information Security


“ARGOS was very easy to set up, and within minutes, scanned and started reporting misconfigurations in our cloud accounts. They were very responsive and quick to implement our feature requests, and that made it easy to export and report issues to other teams. The findings include easy-to-understand explanations with clear instructions on how to resolve them.”

Cyber Security Analyst