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You Are Still Getting the Cloud Security Basics Wrong

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

When people read about data breaches many suspect sophisticated hackers managing to get into an organisation's environment, but often it's down to simple, basic misconfiguration of cloud systems that allow malicious actors to gain access to data.

We don't even have to go far to find recent examples of these cloud misconfigurations:

I could go on, but you get my point.

ZDNet says that most of these incidents will not be reported. I would even argue that most of them won't even be noticed until you get a call from your cloud provider asking you to stop your malicious activity because someone hijacked your servers and is now attacking other customers (happened to one of my customers), or you are being tagged by someone on Twitter telling you that they found your data on the web.

Why Misconfiguration Is Still Happening

These are all oh - so - basic examples of misconfiguration and I argue it's still happening, even after more than 10 years of public cloud providers being around, because for the majority of organisations the cloud is still new, and it will remain that, because the cloud providers keep changing the underlying platforms.

Looking at the Microsoft Ignite Book of News we see the amount of changes that Microsoft pumped out in just a week. Sure, it was for their main event, but Microsoft releases new features on a daily basis. So do AWS and GCP.

Cloud Provider Messaging is Inconsistent with Reality

"Focus on your code", "don't worry about infrastructure", "go Platform as a Service and we'll take care of the boring stuff for you".

All very loose quotes from various public cloud provider websites and while they are all true to some extent, they all hide the fact that Security is very much still something you need to care and worry about. It's called the Shared Responsibility Model (AWS, Azure, GCP) and that means that it is still the customer's responsibility to keep the application well configured and protected, not the cloud provider's.

A product like ARGOS helps an organisation focus on the important work by not adding extra workload onto organisations, by helping to prioritise issues in the cloud environment and helping to fix the issues in a timely fashion.

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