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Transcending Your Clouds to a More Secure Posture

Did you know?

  • 280 days - that's how long on average data breaches go for until they are contained

  • In 46% of all breaches the CISO/CSO was faulted, even though they often have limited decision making power and rarely have the insight required to make these decisions

  • 19% - almost 1 in 5 data breaches are attributed to cloud misconfiguration

These stats highlight some major issues around cloud security:

  • slow issue detection

  • slow notification of any issues

  • difficult to gain insights into all cloud environments

Transcend your Security Posture

You don't know what you don't know.

A state that can also be defined as between "unconsciously incompetent" and "consciously incompetent" from the "Four stages of competence".

Getting from one stage to the next is the path we want to guide organisations on to reduce the risk of a cybersecurity breach.

Real time detections, fast notifications and a quick overview of what is going on across the board of all cloud environments an organisation owns is vital to protect their livelihood, their own and their customers' data.

ARGOS supports organisations on this path to transcending their security posture. Try it out for free or let us demo it to you.

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