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ARGOS Is Taking Flight After CyRise

It's been an amazing three months since we were accepted into the 2020 CyRise startup accelerator programme.

The programme concluded last Friday with the very first remote demo day, where we pitched ARGOS to a wide range of audience.

A Literal Accelerator

For ARGOS these last three months were a literal accelerator in our journey.

  • We validated and refined ARGOS's premise through conversations with more than 60 senior cloud security experts ( i.e. CISOs / Security Consultants / Industry Experts) in the US and Australia

  • We onboarded design partners and early adopters to our MVP (minimum viable product)

  • We started early conversations with VC firms for our Seed investment round in early 2021

If you want to learn more about what is next for ARGOS, get in touch with us via contactus@argos-security.io

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